Japanese snacks and candies sold by Okashi Crate

About us

Okashi Crate started from a desire to make people all around the world to enjoy and feel Japan at home when opening our crates. We curate different varieties of Japanese snacks and candies and pack them with care. Get ready to witness the quality of 20 items we have included in our crates that you’ve never seen before including exclusive items from all over the region in Japan. Also, we are so proud to say that Okashi Crate is the first Japanese snacks subscription box that lets you enjoy choosing your favorite snacks from each month.

Oh, did I mention that we designed our boxes to be a Coloring Book? It comes with cute drawings that changes every month. You can color the box by yourself or with your family and friends to make it a fun event! Explore your creative side and share your ideas by tagging us on social media @okashicrate and #okashicrate. We cannot wait to brighten up your day with our crate throughout your journey.


The Obachan, a chubby cute little figure with curly hair commonly found in candy stores in Japan is the mascot of Okahi Crate! She loves wearing a red lipstick with her crappy shirt and pants :)

She will be delivering your crate so stay tight!
Name : Obachan
Age : SECRET...!
Birthday : October 1st
Blood type : My BT is Pockey!
Height : 4’11 ft.  150 cm
Weight : 132 lbs  60 kg
Hobby : Eating and Sleeping

Need any help?! obachan@okashicrate.com

Okashi Crate's mascot character


Customer Support Manager
We’ll get along if…
You’re an open book.


Customer Support
As a child, I was really into…
Music and wanted to be a musician.


Social Media Manager
A fun fact I'm obsessed with…
Sitting on the toilet over hours with my phone.


If I could eat only one meal for the rest of my life it would be…
Udon, even I’m from a place where Ramen is famous for.


Web Designer
I get way too excited about…
Field trips. I get too excited, I overslept once.


If I could I travel to any time in the past...
Edo Period. Anyone who has a DeLorean?


My most useless skill is…
Wiggling my ears.