Snack of January

Who has already got our new crate yet?

Hello everyone! It's time to say a proper farewell to 2020 and enjoy our January crate to welcome 2021.

For January crate, we are preparing these 3 choices of snack for you.

The first one is Torokeru gummy.

If you are the real fan of Coca-Cola, I would like to recommend you to choose this one because I'm sure that you will just love these! Torokeru gummy from UHA is particular about melt-in-mouth!! So you will feel like drinking a real Coca-Cola when put these gummies in your mouth.

The second one is Hi-Chew chewy candy.
The world famous fruity chewy candy comes up with new exclusive flavors to satisfy your sweet tooth. Ramune Hi-Chew is an limited-edition which comes in two flavors of Ramune and Blue Hawaii in one pack!!! Choose this fizzy drink candy to enlighten your day.


The last one is KORORO gummy. (Sorry, this one is so popular and have already sold out)
If you have ever come to Japan, I'm sure you have ever seen this gummy before. They made from 100% fruit extract and no any SUGAR contained!!! In this season, all-time favorite strawberry flavor has just come back. Taste the natural sweetness of crushed strawberries in these, which feels like you are eating real strawberries the texture just like a fruit itself, so soft and juicy. Not only Japanese people but many tourists also falling in love with KORORO gummy. 




Don't forget to choose your snack or you can let us to choose the best choice for you!!

Snack of January