Snack of February

Our choice of snacks for this February crate are so sweet and have a variety of strawberries taste 🍓 because we are so ready for Valentine’s day!!!

So if you're the BIG FAN of strawberry, come grab yours before they're GONE ❤️

The first one of our choice “Alfort Mini Chocolate Premium: Rich strawberry” The luxurious taste of strawberry chocolate and soft chocolate biscuit are absolutely perfect combination in one bite. So delicious and sweet but not too sweet. This Alfort might be a good choice for someone who want to experience the new flavor from Bourbon.

The second of our choices is “Blanchul Mini Strawberry Chocolate” ,this one is highly recommend for a subscriber who got a sweet tooth 🦷
Sweet strawberry chocolate sandwiched between two thin crispy cookies from Bourbon, made with 20% real strawberry filling. Choose this one to enjoy the sweetness strawberry chocolate cookie at your sweet home.
The last choice of this month is HORN Strawberry Fromage.
Light langue de chat biscuit filled with soft strawberry and cream cheese, tip of each end is lightly dipped in chocolate. Enjoy adult taste from strawberry chocolate combined with soft and mild-tasting fresh cream cheese is superb 🤩👌
Snack of February