Regarding the change in selecting snack

Dear our subscriber,

Thank you for your subscription with Okashi Crate.
Due to our system update, the method of choosing snack will be changed from April 1st, 2021.

Current:You can choose the snack when the month changes, even it is prior to your subscription-renewal date.
From April 1st, 2021:1)You can select the snack only after your subscription has renewed.
                                     2)If you do not choose any item from our choices within 3 days after renewal, we will choose a snack for you without any notice.

Reminder email for auto-renewal will be sent from our system 3 days before your renewal date.
Please make sure to enable your email service to accept emails from

We appreciate the utmost patience and understanding that you have given to us.

Best Regards,
Okashi Crate team
Regarding the change in selecting snack