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“Okashi” is a word in Japanese, which has the meaning of snacks and cadies.

From now on, our goal is to bring you happiness with delicious Japanese snacks and candies, as well as to become something indispensable in part of your life!

 What is special about Okashi Crate is that we do not only provide you with delicious Japanese snacks and candies, but we also offer you a choice of three different kinds of snacks each month to choose from.

 Summer is coming to an end in Japan and we are about to enter into the chilly autumn.

 How about some sweet chocolate with a cup of tea?
This month we've got three chocolate treats for you!
Hope you find one of your favorites!

 Coffee White DARS

Coffee-flavored chocolate coated with white chocolate is a perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness.


We guarantee that this will be something exciting for coffee lovers.
Of course, this chocolate tastes great as it is, but if you refrigerate it, the sweetness is reduced, and the coffee flavor becomes even more pronounced! Coffee lovers, go for it!!

 Country Ma’am Chocolate Gold Recipe.

Country Ma'am is one of the most popular cookie products in Japan, with more than 300 different products/flavors over the 35 years!
In celebration of its 35th anniversary, Country Ma'am is now offering chocolates for the first time.

This is a chocolate, but with chocolate chips and crunches inside, you will feel as if you are eating a cookie, which is a surprising sensation. You will enjoy a new texture that you have never experienced before.

 LOOK Strawberry Confiture

 As you can see from the packaging, the chocolate is filled with fleshy strawberry sauce and whipped cream.

The sweet and sour taste of the strawberry sauce will make you feel as if you are eating a dessert. Why don't you take a break and enjoy your moment of relaxation?

We hope that our three snacks of the month have caught your eyes.

We only have revealed the three snacks you can choose but don’t worry! Other snacks and candies in the crate we provide are everything we recommend you to try!
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Let's Choose Your Favorite