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Want to receive lots of candies/snacks from Japan? But also want to know what kind of items you'll get in the crate? (At least one of them??)
You can do just that with us! We are introducing a new and innovative way to snack, through our Japanese snacks and candies subscription box.
"YOU" get to choose what you want in your crate, out of a huge variety of NEW snacks and candies directly from Japan. Instead of making the entire crate a surprise, you can choose your own candy or snack to your own taste and liking! This is the first Japanese snack/candy subscription crate where we let you to choose your own snacks or candies! Each month you will have different types of choices out of our BEST selection!!
Why hasn't anyone done this before? Well... it's a bit of an operational nightmare to do this, but we found a way to make this happen and we want you to reap the benefits!

The BOX...

It's HUGE! You will never see boxes this big delivered directly from Japan, containing 20 or more items (depends on the month)! It's definitely been crazy year, right? But please let us brighten up your day with amazing candies, snacks, drinks, fun DIYs (Just perfect for a family activity!) and so much more...
Oh, did I mention that the box itself can also be used as a Coloring Book? Meaning you can color the box by yourself or with your family and friends to make it a fun event! Remember to tag us on our social media @okashicrate and #okashicrate. We want to admire and share your creativity!


Low Cost, High Volume and Finest Quality...

We love what we do and we care about our customers. We managed to keep the cost as low as possible by working closely with the very best manufacturers in Japan in order to pass on these savings to you too.
We include the highest numbers of items inside the crates in this HUGE box along with the best quality (FRESHEST in the market).

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